Pomodoro 0.2 released

It has been a while since the first version of this pomodoro tracker has been released. Development has continued, and there have been a few changes:

  • Backported to Java 1.7.
  • Added popup dialog when Pomodori are done, to ask whether to register it as a complete one:dialog-0.2
  • Added popup dialog when breaks are done, to ask whether to start a new Pomodoro
  • Added the ability to manually reset the current amount of done pomodori
  • The current amount of done pomodori will can be automatically reset after X amount of minutes (default 60 minutes)
  • Popup dialogs will auto-close after 5 minutes
  • Reduced font size of wait screen so it will display correctly on Linux

The updated version can be downloaded here. Source code can be found here.

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