When an application isn’t visible in WebSphere

Every once in a while, WebSphere doesn’t like you. You try to install or update an application, but it refuses to do so, saying the application already exists, and you need to specify a different name. And when you look at the list of your applications, the one you try to install or update isn’t there anymore!


Solving this problem isn’t hard, if you know where to look.

1. Shut down the server

2. On the filesystem, remove the application from the following locations:

  • <profile root>/config/cells/<cellname>/applications/<application name>
  • <profile root>/config/cells/<cellname>/blas/<application name>
  • <profile root>/config/cells/<cellname>/cus/<application name>

3. Delete everything from the profile/temp and profile/wstemp directories

4. If needed, edit the following file:
<profile root>/config/cells/<cellname>/nodes/<nodename>/serverindex.xml
Look for the tag <deployedApplications>, and remove your application from there.

5. start the server

You should be able to install your application again.